studio 024.NEF.jpgp1When it comes to live event photography and on-site printing, don’t burden your guests or rely on them to provide your photography. Allow your friends and guests to enjoy the event. Tell them to leave their cameras at home and come take part in all of the festivities.

Photographer Bill Avery and IT Specialist Zack Steen can provide live event photography services and mobile on-site printing for your concert, stage performance, awards ceremony, high school and college reunions, fundraiser events, parties and more.

If you’re planning an event whereby you would like multiple photos taken and the images printed seconds after being taken we can provide that service.

Our printing is performed with a Dye Sublimation printer which renders a better quality photo and is much faster than regular ink-jet printers. Film is used containing the basic color pigments. Sublimation means pigments are put on paper by heated head which causes the pigments to turn to vapor, then form back to a solid as it cools on the paper. This process eliminates smearing that ink-jet renders and the color is much more natural than the pixel dots from an ink-jet.

Providing photos on the spot will eliminate mailing, additional handling, and perhaps damaging of the photos after your event is concluded. Each photo will be presented on spot in a presentation folder.

Our mobile studio setup includes customized backdrops for your event. We provide 4×6 and/or 5×7 glossy prints from our portable mini-lab photo printer seconds after taking the shoot.

Contact us today about plans for your next party or event.

Bill Avery
Corinth, Mississippi




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