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Bill began pursuing a hobby in photography in 2008 following retirement.

After taking some local photography courses his interest in wildlife developed more intensely becoming the main subjects of his photos. This involvement led to participating in several photography expeditions under the tutelage of professional wildlife photographers.

Enthusiasm for capturing unusual images was a focus, and this hobby was growing into a passion. After several years a quest to capture the character of people inched its way into this photographer’s heart expanding his work to portrait shooting. This was the driving force for building a studio where backdrops and lighting could be controlled.

Bill had several opportunities to share his wildlife photos through several power-point presentations opened to the community. As a result the Corinth Public Library asked for his work to be exhibited in two free-standing glass cases changing out to a new theme on a rotation of 60-90 days.

That was five years ago and, today, he continues with these displays. Several of the area businesses have showcased his work, and he continues when asked to share his photography involvements with local clubs, groups, and classes.

He has become a regular published freelanced photographer and story writer for the VIP Pickwick Magazine out of Jackson, TN. He has now been retired for almost eight years but “no slowing down” is in his future plans. He is always chasing another opportunity to catch that one-in-a-lifetime photo.

Bill Avery
Corinth, Mississippi